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TERMISO is a Portuguese company, developing its activity in thermal and acoustic insulation in several areas, such as industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, construction and others.

Throughout the years, Termiso has been working for many Clients, spreading out in different geographic places, taking a part of the insulation market.

Termiso earned the PME Leader recognition in the last years, for its performance and risk capacity.

Following a strategy of improvement and better efficiency, Termiso is a certified company accordingly to ISO 9001, and has others certifications and qualifications on the areas we perform.

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thermal insulation

Termiso has been present, developing insulation work, in several main industries in Portugal, insulating boilers, pipes, refractory systems and other equipments.

acoustic insulation

Termiso can perform all the works in acoustic insulation for conditioning/noise control, from project to execution.

Industrial Cold and Cryogenic Systems

Termiso has several years of experience in insulation of industrial refrigerating chambers, namely for the principal food retail players.

Negative temperature and cryogenic systems are a special branch in the insulation operations, and Termiso has several experiences in the market in these areas.

Special Instalations

Termiso also develop works in other areas, in which we have expertise and know-how, like anti vibratic conditioning for railways, insulation of acoustic barriers, installation of industrial buildings lining and others.


Termiso works with the biggest companies in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, shopping malls, hotels, food companies and others.


Talk to us

Quinta das Ulmeiras, lote 2 telephone: (+351) 21 792 87 80
1675-084 Pontinha fax: (+351) 21 793 74 84
Estrada da Paiã e-mail: geral@termiso.pt